CRM software supports strong, productive, loyal customer relationships through informed and superior customer experiences. The goal? To improve customer acquisition and retention by providing experiences that keep your customers coming back. Customer relationship management is both a strategy and a tool that supports those experiences in five key ways. What is CRM? CRM is an […]

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How to Make a Resume in 2022 | Beginner s Guide

Rather than listing out your experience in reverse chronological order, a functional or skills-based resume has bullet points that reflect how each of your skills is demonstrated by the work you’ve done over the course of your career. At the bottom, you’ll include everything else, such as your education, job history, professional achievements, community involvement, […]

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Transcreation: Transcreation Is the Old New Translation

What is transcreation? Transcreation, also marketing or creative translation, is mostly used by advertising and marketing professionals, defined as expanding a form of translation without focusing on the literal text. Transcreation is where a message is taken in one language and transported to a different language without compromising the meaning, context, and tone. The message […]

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