How to Manifest Something By Writing it Down: 9 Quick Steps

Scripting: How to Manifest Anything by Writing

Manifestation is the power of bringing your desires and dreams into reality. It starts by tapping into your subconscious mind and putting these desires first into a vision and then later into reality.

Manifestation has roots in spirituality and our connection to the universe, and that is where the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration come in. To be able to manifest our desires into reality, we have to attract positive energy and the things we need to achieve that reality.

To help you make the most of your manifestation power, you will need to know what scripting is and make it a daily part of your life. In this guide, you will understand why this is important and also get tips on how to write a manifestation journal, and there will be examples to help you.

Why does scripting work?

Like everything else to someone starting to understand the Law of Attraction and the idea that everything in the universe is connected vibrating at a particular frequency, an exercise like scripting may appear simple and even inconsequential.

How to manifest anything by writing :What is scripting?

1. Power of words

Words are powerful, which is why they can uplift and inspire and, at the same time, hurt and crush beliefs. The right words will act as the pathways to the energy of the universe, helping you attract the right elements and positive energy you need in your life to manifest your dreams and desires.

2. It brings clarity to your desires and feelings

It is easy to have confusion as regards to what you truly want in your life. It is not strange to find people regularly changing your desires and dreams, and it may have happened to you several times. The problem with this is it messes up your focus and confuses the energies you are sending out to the universe.

For manifestation to happen, you have to be consistent and focused on what you desire. Every little desire adds up to the main ones, just like simple goals and achievements build-up to the main one.

3. Energy from feelings

Closely related to the power of words is the energy you pick from the feelings around them and achieving what you desire. These feelings energize you overcoming your doubts and other negative emotions preventing you from attracting positive energy to your life and also motivate you to act on your goals as you realize you are worthy of them and stand to gain more in achieving them than in not taking action.

4. Purpose in life

Beyond motivation, scripting your desires gives you a clear purpose in life, which gives meaning and direction to your efforts. Instead of engaging in underwhelming routines, you have a challenge and purpose of rising every day that is within your grasp and control.

You escape the mundane aspects and become in charge of the direction your life takes. When you keep a journal, you direct and visualize what you want to achieve every day, which leads to the realization of the primary goal.

5. Activate your subconscious

Finally, scripting, especially when done daily, unlocks the immense potential of the subconscious in finding solutions to obstacles and other challenges that may lie on your path to your desires. Consistent scripting plants the primary desires and smaller daily desired outcomes in your mind.

Since you are writing in a state of having already experienced the manifestation of these results, your mind works in the background for you as you sleep, and as you go on your daily functions to find ways to make them a reality.

The Unexplained Connection Between Spirituality and Manifestation

Connection Between Spirituality and Manifestation

So, whenever we manifest something with pure faith, we signal our inner soul (God) that we require that thing. Further, our inner soul takes the role of the creator and fulfills our requirements.

Once you level up spiritually, your power of manifestation multiplies because spirituality helps you gain better self-control. Further, improved self-control helps you have better control over your thoughts and navigate them in a positive direction.
Finally, as soon as it becomes easy to have positive thoughts in your mind, it becomes easier to practice manifestation.

How to Manifest Something By Writing it Down in 9 Steps (Turn Your Desires into Reality!)

1. Be Accepting.

The first step is to open yourself to the universe so that you can receive what the universe has to offer. You have to create a mindset that is open to opportunities and ready to accept things.

Don’t expect your desires to get accomplished 100% according to your plan. You might receive your manifestations in a different form!
For example, Imagine you manifested a job that would pay you well. So, you might get a job that pays exceptionally well but is non-permanent (contract-based).

2. Pick a Fresh Journal and Your Favorite Pen.

Pick a Journal and Start Manifesting

A “new journal” or a “journal with dedicated sections for manifestation” would make it much handier to access your manifestations. You need to keep those manifestations handy as they are your topmost priority!

3. Dive Deep into Your Desires.

Ask yourself questions like- “What do you want?” and “Why do you want it?”
The answers to these questions will help you prioritize your needs and eliminate the desires that are actually useless.

4. Clarify Intention & Get Rid of Any Uncertainty.

Also, for effective manifestation, you need to have complete faith that whatever you want will definitely come true. Don’t be double-minded or uncertain whether your aspirations will come true or not because this way, you’ll send confusing energies and signals to the universe.

5. Imagine a World Where Your Desires Existed.

Just close your eyes and visualize how your life would be if your desires turned into reality. Think of what you’ll feel and how your life will change for good.
Allow your imagination to go wild and thoughts to flow freely.

6. List Down Affirmations.

They play a vital role in manifestation because they make you feel that you’re getting one step closer to your desires each day. Further, they also help you maintain a strong belief in your aspirations.

Coming onto how to use affirmations, you can choose to write them down, recite them in your head, or speak them out aloud (whatever works the best for you). Just make sure that you use them daily.

7. Use Your Resources Wisely.

It’s time to take some positive actions towards your manifestations. Don’t think that a miracle will happen without doing anything, and your aspirations will automatically come true.

You must also note: Don’t get so obsessed with your manifestation journal that you waste your time looking at it for the whole day. It will only lead to fear and stress related to accomplishing your desires.
Instead, once you’ve completed writing your manifestation journal, put it into a drawer, fly away, and don’t open it until the next day.

8. Check Your Journal Daily.

Daily writing of your manifestations will help you align your energies, tasks, and set intentions for the day. It will help you keep the feeling of accomplishment alive and stay motivated throughout the day. It will also remind you and the universe about your desires.

Also, make sure to use affirmations that will provide you the boost needed to maintain the positivity of your thoughts by making you feel that you’re getting closer to your desires each day.

9. Review Yourself Weekly.

Review Yourself Weekly

A weekly review is necessary to check that your energies and thoughts were aligned perfectly with your desires during the whole week.
It will also help you track yourself on the manifestation journey and identify your “fulfilled” and “yet to get fulfilled” aspirations.

How to Manifest Something By Writing it Down – Summary.

It would help if you believed in your manifesting goals. It would be best if you put action behind your manifesting wants. You can’t just say it and sit back and wait; that will never work. You need to mediate and make sure you vibrate at a high frequency to open to the universe’s signs and new opportunities.

Move your body and make sure you are on high vibing quality vitamins and supplements for optimal health. Being healthy helps you feel good and again elevates your frequency for more manifesting powers.

The key is to stay happy and focused in your mind. Some think it’s woo, others think it’s just like a prayer but no matter what you believe keeping your vibration high and clarity to your goals and where you want to go, you’re using the power of manifesting.

What is Manifestation and How to Manifest Your Dream Life.

While I don’t have it all figured out, I am committed to sharing helpful tips and tricks with other mommas who are ready to break free from negativity, ditch mom guilt, & finally, live life on their own terms.


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