How Translators Can Influence a Translation Agency to Receive More Jobs

The translation industry has expectedly become more competitive more than ever. It is especially difficult for up and coming translators who have to have an advantage over the time-honoured translators that have been in the market for long. Therefore, they need to be notable so that the translation agencies can seek them out not only for the strange language but in every circumstance.

Some of the threshold that needs to be met by the translators which translation agencies are in search include;


Sustaining a high standard of quality work in every work that is assigned is essential. As soon as it is known that you are reliable, then you will continue to be sought out after.


It is paramount that you maintain as close as possible every one of the projects’ demands. Generalization of work may lead to a loss of trust from the project manager, and this may cause them to branch out and look for other translators who are keener to get the satisfaction that they require.


Often, translation agencies seek out translators who have been well in the game for more than a year. Of course, if you are starting out, you need to push harder than the rest to build your experience even if it means doing voluntary work. Do as much research as you can and get in touch with some of the best the industry has to offer to build and establish your network.


You need to have concrete referees who can always recommend your work so that as agencies seek them out, they can be assured they will not be let down. They should be able to endorse you as befits the job at hand.

Use of Machine Translation and Computer-Aided Translation Tools

With the drastic change in technology, it is vital that as a translator, however much you may not be of the idea to go for such type of work, some agencies may need you to meet the minimum requirements of Computer Aided or Machine Tools. Some of this is at a bare minimum so as a translator you should always be willing to evolve to meet the market standards.

Cover Letter

Always come up with an exceptional cover letter that is custom-made for that particular agency that you are targeting to get work. Make it clear in detail why you are best suited to what they want because there are so many applications that the agency will get. It is also advisable to follow up after you have sent your application to show a level of interest and commitment.


It is helpful to be certified through some well-known global organizations which is an affirmation to the agency that you have the right skills set, especially, if you are new to the market giving them a level of trust in your work.


Extra points if you can have a brand that is outstanding which may vary from as simple as a blog to as complex as an interactive website. This gives you a platform to showcase the work that you have done. It would also be helpful to ask for testimonials from recognized agencies that you have worked with to give you a competitive edge. Advertise your site using the many social media tools that are out there as it is known that many agencies nowadays use social media as a hiring tool.


It is vital if you can find your area of expertise. Knowledge in particular fields that are more technical such as industrial, health and the like may put you at an added advantage. Have an in-depth understanding of your niche so that you come out as the professional they are seeking. Offer hands-on support so that they can enjoy working with you.


At all cost, never be late to submit work on time. Agencies quickly lose their trust in you if you always give an excuse as to why you did not finish your work on time. When you prove yourself in this, the agency feels very confident in assigning you jobs in the future.


Always be professional and deliver the same standard of work every time if not better. Many translators relax as soon as they get an agency which may be a disadvantage to their end as they may end up losing them in the long run for the failure of not being consistent.

As a translator, if you can meet the above and always respond in time to suggestions given to you either by email or any other means from the agency, then you are sure to set yourself out as a sought-out after translator in the market.

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