Marketing tips for translators

Knowledge never really exhausts the mind, and education teaches us a lot. But it may have missed out on teaching us how to position ourselves in the market or sell our services. I highlight some marketing tips for translators as follows;

  • Cultivate into possessing a personal development website

Invest time and money to create your professional website. This website will act as your online office. I would discourage you from looking for translation job boards which in one way or another is likened to building your business on rented land. Here, you will spend too much time bidding low-budget projects and dealing with clients and translators who underrate translation.

With a personal website, it also becomes your professional outpost. With various themes and plugins, service promotion will be possible with the creation and placement of a resume in a personal portfolio. This will also give you a great room for growth and development, and soon will make translation the hobby which makes you money.

  • Blog about your services

Blogging has become more popular in the localization, translation and related industries. Do I really think that there is going to be a business in blogging? Definitely yes. The internet and the blogs give us more access to a lot of real-time conversations as opposed to communicating in one-way messages.

Blogging is an incredible way to expose and show your interests and talents to potential and prospective employers, adding an edge to one’s resume. Consistent blogging depicts dedication, creativity, and passion; which make up the key attributes looked for in job candidates by employers. It can generate a great traffic deal for your online business.

Therefore, my blog intends to provide translators with the necessary tips to excel in the tight translation business by effectively marketing themselves.